The concept and how we got there

The first sprouts of this concept grew out of a teenage fellowship who shared a joint interest in folk tales, mythology, fantasy literature, psychedelia and adventurous music. It was an exhilarating time filled with fiery discussions where we introduced each other to our latest discoveries and tried to win each other over. After a while, we spun our own thread and made a patchwork of the thoughts that inspired and besieged us. Out of it all a band took form and in high spirits we set out to find new land. Even though we didn't see the finishing line, we knew we would eventually find it. In hindsight, we reckoned it would have happened sooner. 

During the years, much like laying bricks when you are building a house, we created the story of the entity Father Robin. The root idea was that this creature embodied all the members of the band into one being. And as we experienced challenges in life and our development as human beings, this translated itself into the story of Father Robin, sprinkled on top with a fair amount of inspiration from different mythologies and such. Through lengthy jam sessions and then more finely tuned arranging and structuring, we developed an ongoing system where every song linked itself to the others. Holistic impulsivity and ideas, altruistic friendship, music, fantasies and coherent concept - all melted together in one pot.

As the concept grew and came to life, we saw that we needed someone who could illustrate the world where the songs unfolded.   

We found the perfect match in one of Norways finest young artists, illustrator Lars Bigum Kvernberg. His undisputed drawing skills, vivid imagination and eye for quirky details truly brought the stories to life. After working with the ideas on an abstract level for so many years, it was a revelatory experience to finally see it on paper.   

With the passing of time all of this has become the tale of Father Robin and his world Airoea. We're very humbled and proud to finally share this. We hope you like it as much as we do.

The Songs & Tales of Airoea

Book I: The Tale of Father Robin 
(State of Nature) 
1. Prologue 
2. The Tale of Father Robin 
3. Eleision Forest 
4. The Death of the Fair Maiden 
5. Twilight Fields 
6. Unicorn 

Book II: Ocean Traveller (Metamorphosis) 
1. Over Westwinds 
2. Orias & the Underwater City 
3. Ocean Traveller
4. Lady of Waves 
5. Green Refreshments 
6. The Grand Reef 

Book III: Magical Chronicle 
1. Magical Chronicle 
2. Skyslumber 
3. Cloudship 
4. Empress of the Sun 
5. Lost in the Palace Gardens